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Oct, 12

Hourglass Couch

Last year we made an hourglass base for a customer that ended up receiving some surprising accolades in the web community. I sat and thought of other ways I could use this design and came up with a couch. The prototype didn’t really work out, It didn’t have enough lines so I went back to the drawing table (my keyboard and mouse) and after days of measuring and sketching (song inspiration while drawing this: Connan Mockasin) came up with this.

When I took this drawing into the metal shop my welder looked at me funny and went to work. When the frame was done it sat in the office for months waiting for a color selection. I wanted to do it in so many colors and fabrics that it took almost a quarter of a year to make up my mind – I had to get a few restaurant jobs out of the way so that I could focus on it. I chose a Colonial red and used old military ponchos for the upholstery. Click the link for more photos.

The color is iconically American and has been seen on barns and front doors and seemed appropriate considering the nature of our business , it also contrasted well with the color of the recycled military ponchos.  The upholsterer even left the poncho buttons on and positioned them in the front adding an extra detail. I want to leave this basic shape as is and use it as a platform for customization, allowing clients to choose their own color combinations. This sofa is really comfortable and we are really proud of it. ~Jeremy

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