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Dec, 12


District Skates is finally here! It’s been a year plus since we first started on this project. A customer of mine named Scott Burwell who purchased Prime Wood some years back ended up closing shop here in Los angeles. Due to the state of the economy they needed to send their orders to Colombia and China just to stay afloat. They ended up dismantling their shop and sending most of their equipment to Columbia. I had expressed my interest in his machinery and after a few months struck a deal and intercepted three truck loads of equipment being sent to Columbia in hopes to revive a part of this dying industry.

Our idea was to make a product that was hand crafted in Los Angeles using only responsibly harvested materials, reclaimed materials and eco friendly, hazardous material free finishes. 52 weeks ago the equipment arrived. for the most part the machines sat in our loading dock waiting for us. Meanwhile we sampled shapes and figured out all the materials to use to make these boards the most eco friendly laminated skateboards that were able to be skated like a normal skateboard. We found there were minimal product available to make what we wanted.

After a long search we found eco friendly skateboard glue, responsible harvested maple for the inner 5 plys and made our own reclaimed oak and mesquite veneers for the outer skins. Most of the skin wood is from dismantled barns around the Midwest United States. We finished these off with a HAPS free waterbourne lacquer. Here are some pics of the work and finished product. I will challenge any skateboard maker in the world that these are the most eco friendly skateboards ever made, and best of all made right here in the U.S. downtown by some hardworking mother f$&@ers. ONLINE FOR SALE HERE: DistrictSkates.com . Jeremy

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  1. Chris Crabtree

    This is totally game changing. For you skaters out there who want to be eco-friendly and support your local economy, this is it! Do you want your boards made overseas and shipped in huge cargo ships, or made locally by American Craftsmen? Tell everyone you know who skates about these decks! I know I will!

  2. Luke


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